What we Offer:

Key Group Approach:

We take on the Key Group/Key People approach at Little Acorns where the children are assigned a key person who plans and prepares for the groups needs and interests. This helps the children form good relationships with the adults and the other children. These Key Groups also have snack together in the mornings and afternoons and this is where the adults help children understand about healthy eating and manners. 

Speech and Language Therapy:

At Little Acorns we are very lucky to work with the Playgroup Service to offer speech and language therapy to those who need it. Amy runs our speech and language programme with help from the Playgroup service Key Person.

For more information, please ask Tracy or Amy.

Summer Fete:

In 2018 we held our very first Summer Fete! We used this as a way to attract more families to our pre-school and to raise money for our outdoor classroom in the woods. IT was such a success, we have since decided that it will be an annual event. 

We are currently advertising for the summer fete as we have spaces for boot fair stalls available and we are also looking for raffle prize donations. If you are interested, send us a message and we will pass your details on to our events committee. 

Outside Learning and the Woods:

Our Manager Tracy Neilly is a strong believer in the idea of children learning through the environment. We work to ensure children are able to learn throughout the outside environment at all times. 
We also have a new project which is almost ready, our outside classroom. This outside classroom is in 'The Woods' which is being transformed into an exciting opportunity for outside learning. 


For the past few years Little Acorns have been using an online learning journal called Tapestry. This is an online app where the staff upload pictures and videos of the individual child with an explanation of what was going on. This is then linked to the early years foundation stage development matters and is also sent to parents so they can see what their child is learning at school! This also works both ways, so parents can send us photos and videos of the child at home to show us what they like to do and how they are carrying on learning at home!

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